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Rocket-Fuel your Computer, Here's 3 New Ideas to Optimize PC Performance
Improve computer speed with these 3 ideas for Salvation from Slowness - Coming soon ....
Article Added July 7th, 2010

There are far too many ways your computer can get stuck, it can freeze on startup- your favorite program or website can hang, with that egg timer thingy just turning and turning.. is there a solution to unfreezing your frozen PC? Well yes here 3 ways to add liberation to your day ... Also read this if you haven't already Speed up computer start-up

8 Tips to Make your Computer more Secure in 2010
Here are 8 essential tips that will help you fight viruses, spyware, hackers
Article Added Dec 30th, 2009

Would you like to set up your home computer for rock solid security? Here are 8 essential tips that will help you fight viruses, spyware, hackers and other online security threats, and, best of all, won’t cost you a dime.  ...

7 Reasons Windows7 is the Best Windows Yet
Why Windows 7 is the Coolest Windows Evah!!
Article Added Nov 9th, 2009

The Windows 7 OS sure has had its share of glitches, faults, errors, oversights and ribbings from Mac on those funny TV commercials.. you know these ones -> "I'm a Mac: young, current and bright" and "I'm a PC: Older, non-hip, bloated and daft". With the Oct 22nd public launch of Windows 7, Microsoft aims to change your impression of Windows, for the better  ...

More Windows Problems with Simple Solutions
How to fix common pC software errors
Article Series (7) added Nov 1st, 2009

Looking for an easy-to-understand solution to a persistent software problem/error or learn how to fix common startupand shutdown problems with your Windows computer. We have the solutions for these common problems and 5 more ...

Advanced Tips for Boosting Computer Performance
Adjusting Index Options to Give your PC a Speed Boost
Article Series (5) added Oct 28th, 2009

Ever search for files on your computer using Windows’ Search function? Of course you have. When you search for a file on your hard drive, Windows refers to its index which is like a table of contents of your hard drive. This index contains ...

Troubleshooting Outlook Express Errors
How to Repair Outlook Express
Article Series (10) added Oct 21st, 2009
Outlook Express users may experience any one of a dozen confusing errors and problems. This 10 page series is aimed at the typical Outlook Express user, empowering them with needed knowledge and guiding with easy to follow instructions ...
Tune-up your Windows PC and Fix Problems Easily
Speed-up your PC and Repair common Registry errors like Unrecognized file types, Slow Performance etc.
Article added Oct 16th, 2009
SpeedyPC is no light-weight on the Windows repair and tune-up front. This powerful system cleaner will scour every recess of your computers important registry and then show you exactly how to instantly fix all discovered problems  ...
Carbonite Offers Mac Data Backup Simplicity
Carbonite Online data backup for Mac Computers
Article added Sept 18th, 2009
Carbonite is one of many players in the online backup field. Like its competition, Carbonite offers the opportunity to backup a virtually unlimited amount of data to their system, which encrypts and stores their data in a safe data center somewhere. Carbonite recently released a version of their backup system for Macintosh OS X systems ...
Why Won’t Web Sites Load in Firefox?

You can no longer surf on Firefox , Websites just wont load anymore ...
Article added Aug 29th, 2009

And, you're tempted to return to the even more-troublesome Windows! Sometimes Firefox just does not want to load Web sites. You try visiting several different sites to make sure that it’s really on your end – and it is. So what do you do now? These tips will help you figure out how to fix Firefox so that you can get back to surfing ...

Spyware and the tools that Fight Spyware are misunderstood

AntiSpyware software is important, but not just to have, you actually have to run it ...
Article added Aug 26th, 2009

Spyware is like a nosy neighbor who picks through your garbage, trying to find juicy gossip to share with everyone on the block. Like the annoying neighbor, spyware is often nothing more than a minor nuisance. At its worst, however, spyware can lead to financial ruin. So how can you protect your computer from this ...

What are some Free tools I can use to Speed-up my Computer?

Free Built-in Windows tools that work better than any registry cleaner to Speed up your slowing PC  
Article added Aug 19th, 2009

Registry cleaners are 'marginally ok' tools to help speed up your PC. However, they are not the only and likely not the best tools to boost performance. In fact, many of the tools that you need are built right into your computer. One exception is also one of the most important software investments that you can make: antivirus/anti-spyware software. Other tools are ...

Make sure your running the latest version of Internet Explorer, there have been dramatic improvements in loading and surfing Speed

How to Update Microsoft Internet Explorer  
 Article added Aug 19th, 2009

Computer software technologies are always changing - and web browsers are no exception. Keeping your Internet Explorer web browser up to date with the latest releases from Microsoft is important to optimize your web searches and enjoy the most advanced search options and benefits. There are a few different ways to update Microsoft Internet Explorer; choose the option that works best for you ...

Ten Tips for Managing Your Computer Files Quickly and Efficiently
How to Manage all your Computer Files 
Article added Aug 7th, 2009

We’ve all wasted time hunting for files, images and versions of documents. A simple but well-designed system customized for what you do and how you use your documents and images will save time and frustration. For most users, all that is needed is a well thought-out directory and folder tree and attention to naming of files and folders. For some, a ...




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